How to add New Keys to 2012 Range Rover Sport by Autel IM608

Guide to use Autel IM608 to program 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport when all keys lost.


Vehicle: 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Device: Two Ranger Rover keys

Autel IM608 key programmer with XP400 and J2534 ECU programmer

USB cable comes with IM608 kit

Skills need:

-Key coding



-Diagnostic Frame Work

Something to know before programming:

There’s a module called KVM which stands for keyless vehicle module. It’s located in the back of the trunk of Land Rover. You’re doing the relearning process if you want to add a key or do all keys lost. You have to take the KVM module out and there’s gonna be some soldering involved where you need to connect it to the XP400 to extract the data and save the file back to the IM608. That’s called Bench mode. There’s different ways to obtain certain EEPROM information. There is bench mode, there’s BDM that stands for background debugging module. There’s boot mode and that’s via OBD.

In this case we will add keys by OBD.


Step 1: Select Immo Status Scan-> follow the prompt and press OK

Step 2: After step 1, it will prompt “Have you used the USB line to connect the VCI device?”

And get the notice information as below:

1.This function must use the USB line to connect the VCI device.

2.Please turn off Bluetooth first, and then use the USB line connection

You can click the VCI icon at the right bottom to turn off Bluetooth, and make connect the USB cable to JBOX

Step 3: Read and Erase codes, and click “Key learning”

Step 4: Select “All Smart Keys Lost” and follow the prompts to press Start button, turn off the ignition

The VIN, part number and software version will appear on the screen

Step 5: Follow the prompts and put the smart key in your hand when prompted

And put your thumb on the unlock position

Press Unlock button of the smart key to ne learned for 1s within 5s, if the vehicle does not respond, press a few more times

Step 6: Once the key is learned, put the key away and then click “Yes” to learn the next one by repeating the learning process

Finally, use the keys learned to start the car.

How to add New BMW Key by Autel IM608

This article will share how to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add a new key on BMW for the first time.

A lot of people are scared to mess with BMWs because they don’t have anybody to help, and fear hold them back. Hope this post will give you confidence and make things a little bit easier and less risky.

Case 1: IM608 failed attempts to add a key to 2007 BMW 525i

When I use the IM608 to add a new key to my BMW car with XP400, there is a message prompted “Generating dealer key failed! Please check the key status!”


1.Back up key data

  1. Learn original key data
  2. Transfer the key data to the new key with XP400

When failed to read key ID. Please check:

1.If the key type is correct

2.If the key is put in the right position

3.If the connection of data cable is OK and the connection is loose during the reading process

Upon examination, it was found that the USB cable connected to XP400 key programmer was wrong.

The incorrect USB cable is just for transferring data from the IM608 to a computer

The correct one actually can do the key relearning procedure, just plug it into XP400 then on the top of the tablet


When use the correct cable, I add a new key to my car successfully.

Case 2: Wants to add a key to 2007 BMW X5 by IM608


Step 1: Learn original key data

Step 2: Update CAS if needed

Step 3: Transfer the key data to the new key with XP400

In detail…

Step 1: Learn original key data

Select the corresponding car model

Then click Key operation

Connect the device to the programmer and put the key into the programmer card slot

Select Key learning by OBD

Pay attention to the tips to generate the dealer key:

1.[Add key] and [All keys lost] is available for current CAS.

2.Note: Key learning process requires networking to obtain data, please set up the network to ensure that it is connected to WIFI and keep this state during the whole process.

3.Sugget: Before performing this function, please backup the key information in [Backup key data] to prevent data loss.

Then switch ignition on

Step 2: Update CAS if needed

Select Add key and update CAS

All the key slots are available, choose one key you want and click Programmer generation key at the bottom right of the screen

Follow the prompt to put the working key into the XP400 programmer card slot

Read key information successfully

Step 3: Transfer the key data to the new key with XP400

Select Smart key

Put a new key into XP400 device instead of the original key to write

Generate dealer key success

Then insert the new key into the ignition switch to start the car once!


If the vehicle cannot be started, or the ELV displayed on the instrument, please

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Add New Chrysler Key

Autel MaxiIM IM608 can add new key to 2010 Chrysler Town& Country by reading Immobilizer password (CAN). Here share the related guide and Chrysler vehicle coverage supported by IM608.

Part 1: Guide to add Chrysler key by Autel IM608:

1.Connect Autel IM608 key programmer to the Chrysler via OBD

2.Enter IM608 main menu

Automatically detect VIN

Auto scan VIN

Chrysler (USA)

Loading diagnostic program

Smart Mode

3.Pay attention to the information:

-Turn the ignition on

-To execute function in “Smart Mode”, please select correct vehicle brand

-If it is old pre 2006 model, please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection”!

4.Select Smart key

5.Follow the prompt on the screen to switch the ignition off and then on again, make sure the engine is off

6.The password read out is 3679

7.Select Read Immobilizer Password (CAN)-> Key Learning

8.The key learning prompt will show as below, click OK to continue

If the key has learned before, it will learn failed.

9.Then follow the instruction to turn the ignition off and pull out the current key

Insert another key to be programmed, turn the ignition on, and make sure the engine has not been started

10.Learn the key 3 successfully

If you want to add more keys, you can click Yes to continue, if not, click No.

11.Finally, use the new key and original key to start the car