About Autel:

Autel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional auto diagnostic tools, equipments and accessories. Since Autel foundation, Autel have been committed to creating maximum long-term value to customers worldwide by providing quality-assured, easy-to-use, cost-effective and innovative products.

Autel has a full line of automotive diagnostic products with industry-leading technology: basic OBDII code readers AutoLink series, specialized service tools OLS301, EBS301, professional scan tools MaxiDiag Elite series, and comprehensive diagnostic & analysis systems MaxiDAS and MaxiSys seires. We also provide innovative solutions for other specialized vehicle diagnosis, such as the TPMS universal solution with OE sensors, professional TPMS scan tools and Programming Accessory Device (PAD), Digital Inspection Cameras Maxivideo Series.

2020 Autel Product Manual:

Automotive Diagnostic & Analysis System

autel diagnosis

Autel MaxiSys
Autel MaxiSys Pro
Autel MaxiSys Elite
Autel MaxiSys MS906
MaxiSys MS906BT
MaxiSys MS906TS
Autel MaxiSys CV
Autel MaxiDAS DS808
MaxiSys MS906CV
MaxiSys MS908S
MaxiSys MS908S Pro

J2534 PassThru

Autel MaxiFlash Pro
Autel MaxiFlash Elite

Automotive Key Tools

Autel MaxilM IM608
Autel MaxilM IM508

Digital Inspection Cameras

autel maxivideo

Maxivideo MV208
Maxivideo MV400
MaxiVideo MV105/108
MaxiVideo MV500
MaxiVideo MV460
MaxiVideo MV480

Professional Scan Tools

MaxiDiag Elite MD802
MaxiDiag MD808
MaxiDiag MD808 Pro

Specialty Products

Autel Maxicheck

MaxiCheck Pro
MaxiCheck MX808
MaxiCheck MX808TS
MaxiService® MST505

Autel Code Readers/Code Scanners

Autel Autolink

Autolink AL301
Autolink AL319
Autolink AL419
Autolink AL519
Autolink AL619
Autolink AL439
Autolink AL539
Autolink AL539b
Autolink AL609
AutoLink AL329
AutoLink AL529
AutoLink AL529HD
AutoLink AL629
AutoLink AL609P

Automotive Oscilloscope

MaxiScope MP4D8

Electrical Testers

Autel PowerScan PS100

TPMS Diagnostic & Service Tools

Autel maxitmps

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608
Autel MaxiTPMS TS508
Autel MaxiTPMS TS408
Autel MaxiTPMS TS601
Autel MaxiTPMS TS501
Autel MaxiTPMS TS401

Discontinued Products

Autel MaxiDAS DS708
Autel MaxiTPMS TS101
MaxiDiag Elite MD701
MaxiDiag Elite MD702
MaxiDiag Elite MD703
MaxiDiag Elite MD704
Autel MaxiCheck EPB
Autel MaxiCheck Oil Light/Service Reset
Autel MaxiCheck Airbag/ABS
Autel MaxiCheck DPF Reset
Autel MaxiCheck Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
Maxivideo MV101
Maxivideo MV201
Maxivideo MV301
Maxilester MX101
Maxilester MX201
Autl MaxiSys Mini
Autel Autolink AL100

Online Products

MaxiUnk ML301
MaxiUnk ML319
MaxiUnk ML519
MaxiUnk ML619
MaxiUnk ML329
MaxiUnk ML529
MaxiUnk ML529HD
MaxiUnk ML609P
MaxiUnk ML629
MaxiCOM MK808
MaxiCOM MK906
MaxiDiag MD805
MaxiPRO MP808
MaxiScan MS300
MaxiScan MS309
Maxiscan MS609
Autel MaxiCOM MK908P
Autel MaxiCOM MK908
Autel MaxiDiag MD806
MaxiDiag MD806 Pro